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Eyoyo Scanner

Clip on Phone Scanners

Eyoyo 2D Bluetooth Barcode Scanner, Portable Back Clip Wireless Barcode Reader PDF417 Data Matrix Code Image Scanning Compatible with Android and iPhones

  • 1D Barcodes
  • 2D Barcodes
  • QR Codes
Eyoyo 2D Barcode Reader

1D and 2D Barcode Reader

Able to scan most 1D and 2D Barcodes from a variety of surfaces. Unaffected by poor quality or distorted barcodes.

  • Damaged Barcodes
  • Distortion Barcodes
  • Fuzzy Barcodes
  • Reflective Barcodes
2 Ways to use Eyoyo Scanners

Dual Modes

The Eyoyo Scanner will attached to most Android or iPhones via Bluetooth or use standalone as a scanner capture device.

  • Android Phones
  • iPhones
  • Standalone

About Us

We provide accurate Stocktake and Inventory services based on our customer’s needs using the latest technology.

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Experience Staff

Advanced Stocktaking Services has extensive experience in delivering stocktake services and is established as a quality stocktaking service provider. We are an independent stocktaking company, with offices based in all states, specialising in providing stocktaking services to Retail, Wholesale, Manufacturing and Hospitality Industries. We are able to provide detailed inventories and variance reports both electronically and manually to cater for various business needs.

We are in the business of providing accurate, independent stocktake services using the latest technology available. We were the first to introduce barcode scanners into the Australian market for stocktaking services and currently act as the sole distributor for the Videx range of barcode readers. Advanced Stocktaking is a leader in barcode stocktaking.

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Advanced Stocktaking enjoys a fine reputation for accuracy and service. The secret of our reputation lies in the training we provide our staff prior to placing them onsite at a client’s premises. We provide in-house training and development opportunities that ensure our people are fully prepared for the job at hand and that they are monitored by team leaders to audit and guarantee the accuracy of the stocktake. Client feedback consistently suggests that our team members deliver a quality of service not seen in our competitors.

Our confidence in our own ability to undertake and complete asset stocktakes successfully, accurately and within deadlines is based on the detailed preparation we undertake and a series of checks and double checks put in place. The stocktake team will consist of only the most experienced staff and a Team Leader with a proven track record in managing large and complex stocktake assignments. Every step of the stocktake will be scrutinised thoroughly before presented to project officers for discussion and approval.

Scanning Pharmacy products on shelf

Leaders in Commercial Stocktakes

Pharmacy Store


Leaders in Pharmacy Stocktakes, Clubs, RSL's and Supermarkets / Convenience Stores. Fast, Accurate and Itemised Stocktakes using Barcode Scanning Technology. Sale of Business Partnership, Changes Stock Valuation, Free POS update with every Stocktake including:

  • Z Pos
  • LOTS
  • POS2000
  • Minfos
  • Fred Office
  • Simple Pennylane
  • POS Browser
  • Mountain Top
Supermarket isle


Supermarkets / Convenience Stores. Itemised Stocktake Reports using Major Wholesale Prices. Immediate Results using the latest Barcode Scanning Technology.

  • Supermarkets and Convenience Stores
  • Sale of Business
  • Partnership Changes
  • Stock Valuation
Clubs and RSL bar

Clubs & RSL's

Clubs & RSLs Stocktake Capture using Barcodes and Our Exclusive BARSTOCK SOFTWARE Especially Developed for SPORTS CLUBS and RSL’s Itemised Reports by:

  • Commodity
  • Bar Locations
  • Gross Profits
  • Trading Reports

DIY Stocktaking, direct from your phone.

Running a stocktake from your phone is convenient and easy.

(Covid-19 Solution)

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Advanced Stocktaking Services also offers a Sister site "Advstock Inventories" (advstock.com.au) that enables a "Do It Yourself" stocktaking solution.

Utilise your own staffing resources to conduct a stocktake at your convenience. This allows an opportunity to continue stocktaking during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Visit our DIY site advstock.com.au for more details.

3 Easy Steps - 3 Minute Setup

Advstock Inventories Laptop

1    My Stores

Create an unlimited amount of store profiles.

Each profile can have its own range of products with its own pricing structure.

Advstock Inventories scanner

2    My Data

Simply upload your data using our data mapping tool and synchronise the data using our (IOS) iPhone, Windows Mobile 6.0 or Android App's.

Supported Devices:

  • iPhone
  • Android
  • Memor X3
  • Videx Cyberbadge
Advstock Inventories dashboard

3    My Reports

You can create PDF reports, download CSV data or create Excel spreadsheets from all reports.

Supported Reports:

  • Stocktake Summary
  • Detail Level reporting
  • Department/Sub Department reporting
  • Variance reporting
  • Location based reporting
  • Other reports? - Ph: 1300 491 775.