When it comes to the smart decision of opting for an independent stocktake, you want to ensure accuracy and efficiency with a proven provider.

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Advanced Stocktaking Services has an extensive portfolio of experience in delivering stocktake services. As an established service provider with a range of business models successfully serviced by our experienced team, you can trust that you have made the right choice.

About Advanced Stocktaking

Advanced Stocktaking is an independent stocktaking company with offices around Australia. Our expert team specialises in providing stocktaking services to the retail, wholesale, manufacturing and hospitality industries. Business owners and managers within those sectors can access detailed inventories and variance reports both electronically and manually to cater to various business needs through our services.

With Advanced Stocktaking, you are guaranteed accurate, independent stocktake services that utilise the latest technology available. Our company cemented a reputation in the stocktake industry by being the first to introduce barcode scanners into the Australian market for stocktaking services. We are also the sole distributor for the Videx range of barcode readers.

A reputation for accuracy and service

We provide in-depth, ongoing training for our staff before placing them onsite at a client’s premises. Our in-house training and development ensure that every team member is fully prepared for each job and are monitored by team leaders onsite to audit and guarantee the accuracy of the stocktake.

We are very proud of our regular client feedback, which consistently suggests our team members deliver a quality of service not seen in our competitors. With this confidence in our ability to undertake and complete asset stocktakes successfully, we guarantee the accuracy of every project. We also work to meet your deadlines and ensure detailed preparation, double-checks, and various other proven processes. From small to large and complex stocktake assignments, every step is scrutinised thoroughly before being presented to project officers for approval. Benefit from our in-depth stocktake system today, and speak to our knowledgeable team for a personalised quote.