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Shelf Products
Shelf Items

Our wide range of experience with both small and large operations means our team is fully equipped to provide accurate stocktaking within an appropriate timescale.
Our team will undertake a series of double-checks, overseen by a Team Leader with a proven track record in managing large and complex stocktake assignments for every project.

The business sectors we service

  • Pharmacy Stocktakes
  • Clubs/RSLs
  • Supermarkets/Convenience Stores
  • Petrol stations
  • Newsagencies
  • Retail Stores
  • And more

Our Services

We supply fast, accurate and itemised stocktakes using barcode scanning technology. The services offered by Advanced Stocktaking include:

Accurate and Itemised Stocktakes
Using Barcode Scanning Technology, our experienced team will take care of your stocktake needs for you. This saves you and your team time that can be spent continuing standard business operations while ensuring complete accuracy at the hands of highly-trained experts.

Sale of Business Partnership
Are you looking to sell your business? Get an accurate report of your stock count and wholesale value with Advanced Stocktaking. We will strike this job from your to-do list during an already stressful and busy sales preparation process.

Changes Stock Valuation
Let our expert team provide a detailed and itemised report for a clear idea of your current stock. On-hand unit accuracy drives customer satisfaction and can lead to increased sales! With a reliable stock count from Advanced Stocktaking, you can prevent a costly breakdown in your supply chain.

Free POS update
Every Advanced Stocktake receives a free POS update including:

  • Z Pos
  • LOTS
  • Minfos
  • Fred Office
  • Simple Pennylane
  • POS Browser
  • Mountain Top
  • Grocery Manager
  • Profit Track

Ask about which of our expert services will suit you today

Speak to one of our knowledgeable team members and obtain a free, no-obligation quote to see just how cost-effective the outsourcing of your stock count can be. Trust the skills and expertise of the experts at Advanced Stocktaking and find peace of mind in reliable stock data today.